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There are a significant number of motor vehicle accidents which occur in Southern Nevada.  As a result, it is important to know what you should do in the event of an accident.   Beyond making sure that everyone is okay, which is paramount, here are the five (other) things you should do immediately after an accident occurs.

  1. Take Pictures 

Take photos of everything you can after an accident including cars involved, location, damage, license plate numbers and if possible, even people involved and/or witnesses.

  1. Gather information

Exchange proof of insurance information as well as ID numbers with others involved in the accident.  Witnesses are critical.  Ask anyone who saw the accident to provide you with contact information or a business card.

  1. Call the Police if anyone is injured or if someone feels like they may have been hurt, but isn’t sure.  Even if no injury is immediately appreciated, having the Police arrive to document the event is crucial, particularly if the other party is uncooperative and/or argumentative.
  1. Understand the Effects of Adrenaline

In an accident, the body normally produces adrenaline, which boosts the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles.  This prepares the body for emergency situations, but it also decreases the body’s ability to recognize immediate pain.

Many times, people who have been in an accident initially report feeling no pain only to later discover, when the adrenaline subsides, that they’ve suffered an injury.

With this in mind, it’s important to get a medical evaluation before speaking specifically to any pain right after an accident has occurred.

  1. Seek Qualified Legal Counsel

The insurance companies have a team of attorneys working on their behalf which is why it’s important to have someone who is capable of competently representing your interest.

Finding the right attorney shouldn’t be based simply on television ads or billboards, but rather on facts, reputation and compatibility.  Don’t be afraid to to your homework, and research potential attorneys to verify their qualifications, reputation and/or experience.

Having an attorney with character and integrity, as well as experience, is vital ensuring you are not only protected, but well-represented.

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